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We keep your machine in good shape
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What we do


We repair and maintain workshop machines, mainly focusing on Weinbrenner Baykal.

Control system

We have experience of control system from Cybelec-Delem-Elgo, Esa, Kvara Duemila


Press brake tools from Emilstamp.
Lubricant from Texaco and other machine spare parts

Who we are

Christian Franzon

Tools offer


Peder Franzon

Technical support


Patrik Franzon

Service technician


LS Maskinservice is a part of Lasersmide i Jönköping AB, which is operated by Christian Franzon. Together with Peder and Patrik, Christian shares the tasks.


Tools offer

Christian, verktyg@lsmaskinservice.com


Patrik, patrik.franzon@lsmaskinservice.com

Technical support

Peder, peder.franzon@lsmaskinservice.com


Lasersmide i Jönköping AB

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561 91 Huskvarna